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Data partnership

We offer data partners the opportunity to contribute de-identified data to help researchers around the world, and get paid for it.

We help hospitals and health systems use their data for good by partnering with them.

How we help you

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Receive a share in the revenue when your data is used for projects.

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Ensure your patient population is represented in training data for new technologies.

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Get access to our Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) services for free.

Doctors and patient in a healthcare setting.

Why partner with us?

Our ethics policy

As well as having extremely high security standards, all data usage is reviewed to ensure ethical usage and patient benefit. We’re building the foundation of medical AI, ethically and inclusively.

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Built and tested for security of Patient Health Information (PHI) with a focus on de-identified aggregation methods that protect the individual.

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Representative of humanity’s diversity and avoid reinforcing biases in medicine.

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Socially beneficial to the world at large with a focus on supporting research communities.

How it works

Share your DICOM data with us. Partners often accomplish this by provisioning access to their cloud instance.
Our team de-identifies your data on-premise or in your cloud instance.
Ethics review
Our Ethics Board reviews all research projects. If an approved project requires the type of data that your organization has shared, your data may be selected for that project.
When your organization's data is used for a project, your organization will receive a share of revenue from the project.
Final checks
An additional layer of anonymization and inspection takes place before your data is shared with the end customer.

Partner with us

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