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service redefined.

Get dedicated support through every step of the medical data-sourcing process. We’re renowned in the industry for our responsiveness and deep commitment to serving our customers.

Full-service, expert-led data-sourcing.

Why Atlas concierge?


For projects that demand undivided attention or specialized expertise.


You receive bespoke data solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Ideal for organizations seeking expertly curated data without investing in in-house resources.

How it works.

Set up
Set up your Atlas account with one of our data sourcing specialists. During this time we will get to a full understanding of your requirements, from the scale and complexity of your data needs to your timelines and geographic priorities.
Let us do the rest!
Our data sourcing experts will do the hard work for you, tell us what you need and we will search the database, source anything we don’t already have, and then curate the perfect dataset for your needs.
Receive + build
Once you’re happy with the dataset we have curated for you, you receive a full data export. All our data is delivered in machine learning friendly DICOM + JSON formats. You can then focus on training and validating your models.

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