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Our self-service data subscription platform for medical AI developers. Giving unparalleled cost-effectiveness, speed of access and quality to those applying AI to the world’s most urgent health problems.

Redefining the industry standards set by traditional data sourcing services.

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How is Atlas different?

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Atlas offers high-quality, quick-access data at a fraction of the cost of other services. Ensuring that accessing crucial training data is no longer a hurdle but a stepping stone for medical AI developers.

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Self-serve your data needs, enjoying instant image previews and full data delivery within an unprecedented 72 hours. Eliminating the traditional, time-consuming back-and-forth communication and lengthy waits for data.

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Our unique visual summary of your data, allows you to intuitively assess the diversity and comprehensiveness of your data. Every image and dataset provided through Atlas is meticulously de-identified.

How it works.

Set up
Start your 7-day free trial. One of our data sourcing specialists will get you set up with an account.
With Atlas, you can “self-serve” your data. Quickly and easily search millions of de-identified images from across modalities and vendors. Search by study type with up to 2 longitudinal data points. Search results include select DICOM tags, radiology reports + preview thumbnail images.
We recognize the critical importance of using representative, unbiased data in building safe and effective AI. To ensure this, Atlas offers a unique feature: a visual summary of your selected data. This tool allows you to intuitively assess the diversity and comprehensiveness of your data.
Once you’ve selected the right data and hit order and you’ll be notified that your data export is ready to download, all within 72 hours. All our data is delivered in machine learning friendly DICOM + JSON formats.
Train and validate your models on these large, diverse datasets. Enabling you to develop accurate, high-quality, equitable medical innovations. Reducing time to regulatory clearance and getting products to patients faster.

Key features

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Millions of studies currently available and growing.

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Citable NIH/NCI grant reference.

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Download thousands of studies every month for a flat fee.

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