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The Gradient Health Story.

     Gradient Health was founded on the idea that automated diagnostics must exist for healthcare to be equitable and available to everyone. The foundation for automated diagnostics is data – data that’s organized, labeled, and available.

     Gradient Health is here to build that foundation. We bring together healthcare providers, great software, and healthcare A.I. developers to enable the future. 

Meet our Products

We currently offer pre-labeled datasets, custom datasets, and a labelling platform for DICOM images.

Access to a dataset

Build more robust A.I. algorithms with diverse datasets.

Labeling Platform

Annotate studies at scale with segmentation and automatic de-identification.

Meet our Team

Joshua Miller, CEO

Ouwen Huang , CSO

Brooks Stephenson, CTO

Sophie Chheang, CMO

Rod Greco, CRO

Nico Addai, PM

Kadu Lemos, DE

Chang Liu, SWE

Rafael Gmisse, DL

Lucas Alves, DE

Alceu Lima, SWE

Meet our Advisors


Flavio Lanes

Satish Tadikonda

Keep in touch with Gradient Health

Gradient Health is a health tech startup seeking to revolutionize A.I. research in radiology. We label the world’s pathologies.

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