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Complex data, empowering solutions.

Atlas+ is our most powerful search tool for expert users.

Atlas+ is the solution of choice for medical AI developers with intricate specifications and requirements.

It is tailored for projects that require nuanced, detailed data by offering unmatched levels of specificity and control. Giving you the ability to fully control even the most complex of data-sourcing projects.

Why Atlas+?

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Complete control

Gain complete command over your data-sourcing with full export capabilities, access to every DICOM tag and our API.

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Powerful searches

You can create complex, multi-time point searches directly within the world’s largest medical image library.

How it works.

Set up + training
Set up your account with one of our data sourcing specialists. Once you are ready you’ll receive training on how to use the environment including the database structure and access.
Atlas+ allows you to run complex searches in a BigQuery environment using SQL. Search millions of de-identified images from across modalities and vendors. Search by study type and multiple longitudinal data points.
We recognize the critical importance of using representative, unbiased data in building safe and effective AI. To ensure this, Atlas offers a unique feature: a visual summary of your selected data. This tool allows you to intuitively assess the diversity and comprehensiveness of your data.
Once you’ve selected the right data and hit order you’ll receive the full data export. All our data is delivered in machine learning friendly DICOM + JSON formats. With Atlas+ you get full access to the export including all the DICOM tags.
Train and validate your models on these large, diverse datasets. Enabling you to develop accurate, high-quality, equitable medical innovations. Reducing time to regulatory clearance and getting products to patients faster.

Key features

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Millions of studies currently available and growing.

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Citable NIH/NCI grant reference.

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Download thousands of studies every month for a flat fee.

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Affordable excellence.

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Service redefined.

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