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Gradient Health nabs $2.5M to build Healthcare A.I.’s Foundation

Durham, NC – Gradient Health, Inc has closed its seed round with $2.5 Million to label the world’s pathologies. By bringing together 300M+ medical images from around the world with world class radiologists to label them for training and test sets, Gradient Health accelerates healthcare A.I.. The round was led by VentureSouth, with participation from WaveMaker360, Bessemer’s Scout Fund, Charlotte Angel Network, and Twenty5Twenty. 

 “We’re excited to be working with world-class A.I. companies at the forefront of automated diagnostics.” Josh Miller, CEO of Gradient said.  “We hope to take what is typically an expensive and slow process- assembling labeled datasets of medical data- and make it as simple as calling an API. Our vision is that a medical A.I. developer or researcher can type a disease in a search bar, get back thousands of annotated medical images, and download them to be ready to go for ML.”  

Gradient is rapidly growing its partnerships and currently sources images from three continents including Asia, Latin America, North America and is beginning partnerships with hospitals in Africa. 

Gradient Health, Inc is excited to continue expanding in the new year. 

For more information please visit and request a demo. 

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