Join Gradient Health as a data partner.

Gradient Health creates diverse datasets to create a strong foundation for the future of equitable, automated healthcare. 

Increase revenue while improving quality of care.

Contribute de-identified data to help researchers around the world, and get paid for it.

How it works

Request to be a data partner with Gradient.

Load your de-identified data onto our secure server.

Connect with our global network of health professionals.

Use cases that your data could be used in

Increase revenue while ethically supporting research

Academic research

Clinical research

Machine learning

Examples of Datasets

Hemorrhage + Stroke


Chest paired CT and Xray

Pneumoperitoneum / CXR


Pave the way for the future of medicine while increasing revenue

The biggest issue with improving quality of care comes down to incomplete data. Securely leverage your access to medical data, and create a passive stream of income for your practice every time your data is used in research.

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