Let us worry about the data.

Source your next medical image training dataset with us. With our off-the-shelf datasets for specific pathologies and global partnerships with healthcare providers, we make developing medical algorithms easy.

Integrate your models with our datasets

Gradient Health provides labeled DICOM datasets that are ready for your research in machine learning ready formats including JSON and binary masks.

How it works

Search through our existing datasets or request a new one, and we’ll deliver it ready-to-go for machine learning.

1. Search our dataset

Browse through our pre-labeled datasets. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll make one for you.

2. Select and export

Build more robust A.I. algorithms and stronger research with diverse datasets. Data comes in DICOM with ML friendly label formats.

3. Build your model

Integrate millions of expertly annotated DICOM images and radiology reports seamlessly.

Millions of studies, at your fingertips

Search through our already segmented studies, or request a custom dataset.


Quickly search through millions of studies.


Download the data you need.


ML friendly DICOM + JSON formats.

Explore Our Datasets

Hemorrhage + Stroke


Chest paired CT and Xray

Pneumoperitoneum / CXR


Source de-identified medical images for your model.

The most time consuming aspect of building robust medical algorithms is sourcing de-identified medical data. Join Gradient today to reduce the time it takes to launch your model.

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