Joshua Miller makes an Appearance on Skeleton Crew – The Rad Tech Show

Joshua Miller, our CEO appeared in a recent episode of Skeleton Crew – The Rad Tech Show with host Jennifer Callahan. The episode, titled “Transforming Healthcare Through AI Innovation,” provided listeners with a deep dive into the crucial role AI is playing in healthcare, particularly in medical diagnostics and treatment.

Listeners were treated to an inspiring recount of Josh’s journey from his days at FarmShots (together with Gradient co-founder Ouwen Huang) to his current role at Gradient Health. Josh’s background in computer science offers a unique perspective on how technology, particularly AI, is revolutionizing healthcare. His experiences highlight the challenges and successes in promoting AI within the healthcare industry.

During the podcast, Josh and Callahan discussed the specific applications of AI in radiology and explained how we’re addressing the challenge of providing diverse and extensive datasets necessary for developing accurate and reliable AI algorithms. This includes ensuring diversity in ethnicity, BMI, equipment used, and more to avoid biases in AI-driven healthcare.

Looking forward, Josh shared his enthusiasm for expanding the provision of large-scale, diverse datasets, particularly in support of foundational AI models. These datasets are critical for developing advanced AI algorithms capable of transforming radiology and healthcare at large. As AI continues to evolve, its role in improving diagnostics and treatment in healthcare is undeniable, and we’re proud to be enabling this exciting field.

Listen to the full episode of Skeleton Crew – The Rad Tech Show for an in-depth exploration of AI in healthcare with Joshua Miller.

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